Mani Rimdu, biggest religious event of the year for Sherpas of the Solu Khumbu region.

Mani Rimdu Festival is celebrated at Tengboche, Thame and Chiwong Monasteries of Solukhumbu Nepal. This is a sacred ceremony and series of events of empowerment. It is a sequence of nineteen days celebration, which concludes with three days public festival. Sherpa gets time to gather and celebrate this festival with the monastic community.  Lamas and Sherpa gather at the monastery for five days for the welfare of the world.  Demons are quelled and the virtuous are rewarded. The monks wear an elaborate mask, costumes’ and through a series ritualistic Lama Dances, dramatize the triumph of Buddhism over Bon. From the beginning until the end of the festival, 24 hours Puja (rituals) will be performed by the monks to consecrate the Mandala, the Mani Rilwu (sacred pills), the Tshereel (pills for long life) and the Torma.



Dance performance during the Mani Rimdu festival, Chiwang Gompa, Nepal.

In Tengboche, the Mani Rimdu is performed in the 9th Tibetan month which usually falls in October or November full-moon. Mani Rimdu Festival date for the year 2017 is celebrating on 4th, 5th, and 6th November 2017.


At Chiwong Monastery



The main first days of the festival involves prayers, second day for colorful lama dancing, they wear brocade gown and wonderfully painted papier-mâché masks and Last day is for some humorous dances and chanting prayers. Hundreds of local people and foreign tourist attend the performance. This trek rewards you to see the real and ideal culture of Sherpa people and great Himalayan picturesque views.