World Record BASE Jump Set From 25,250 Feet.

There are people who like the comfort of their living room — and then there are those who just can’t help but break world records over and over again. Skydiving and BASE jump legend Valery Rozov would definitely fall into the second category.

On October 5, 2016, after a 21-day expedition on the sixth-highest peak in the world — Mount Cho Oyu on the Chinese/Nepalese border — Rozov stood on the edge of his chosen exit spot at 25,250 feet and leaped into thin air, breaking his own record from 2013 by 1,600 feet.


“It was my dream and my goal for the last three years”- Valery Rozov

Climbing Cho Oyu is no small accomplishment on its own, let alone BASE jumping from the top of the southwest wall. But the expedition itself wasn’t exactly easy for the group of climbers.A recent dumping of fresh snow and a few days of harsh weather kept the group from reaching the launch spot on their first attempt. They had to wait a full week before making another attempt. But once they saw the weather clearing and snow melting, they knew it went time said Russian legend.


Living on the edge

After 90 seconds of pure freefall, Rozov opened his parachute and kept flying for another two minutes before landing safely on the glacier below, at 20,000 feet above sea level.