Maya Vision International’s: “The story of Buddha” in 2007

Director:Mr. Jeremy Jeffs

Double Wide Media Inc, NY: “Life For a Child” in 2007

Producer:Mr. Donald Faller
Assitance Producer:Mr. Adam Black
Director:Mr. Edward Lachman

Camera Man:Mr. David Brian Jackson

BBC- Lifeline series- Renewable Worlds in 2013

Producer:Mr. Gavin Ahern
Assitance Producer:Ms Kemi Majekodunmi

Presentor:Mr. Gethin Jones
Sound Man:Ms Kemi Majekodunmi
Camera Man:Ms Kemi Majekodunmi

Passion Pictures, UK : “Earth in the age of Man- Episode 5- Nepal Vultures” in 2013

Assitance Producer:Mr. Joe Loncraine
Director:Mr. Matt Dyas
Presentor:Mr. Sanjayan Muttulingam
Sound Man:Mr. Mark Roberts
Camera Man:Mr. Ralph Bower

Asia Vision pvt. ltd : “Asia Downunder Series” in 2010

Producer:Mr. Chris Wright

Director:Ms. Kadambari Raghukumar

Sound Man:Mr. David Flynn
Camera Man:Mr. David Flynn

Decon Films, NY: “Nomads Land” in 2008

Producer:Mr. Peter Bittenbender
Assitance Producer:Mr. Isaiah Seret
Director:Mr. Jason Goldwach

Sound Man:Mr. Joseph Matthew Ocegueda, Mr. Timothy Elpa Thedford & Mr. Justin Gregory Smith
Camera Man:Mr. Robert Glibert & Mr. Dream Hampton

Wild Pictures, UK: “The Zoological society of London at home and abroad ” in 2010

Producer:Mr. Richard Denton

Director:Mr. Nicholas Mattingly

Camera Man:Mr. Matthew Deeley


Producer:Deborah Helen Martin

Director:Deborah Helen Martin
Presentor:Charlotte Alexandra Thompson
Sound Man:Jason Phillip
Camera Man:David Symmons

BBC: “Sports Relief”

Producer:Ms Jane Atkinson
Assitance Producer:Ms Caroline Louise O’Shaughnessy

Presentor:Ms Teresa Mary Squazzin

Arrow Media, UK: The World’s Most Extreme”

Producer:Ms Lauren Hawthrone.

Director:Mr Richard William Turley
Presentor:Richard Parks

BBC: “I Believe”

Producer:Katya Nelhams Wright
Assitance Producer:Toby Fricker
Director:Katya Nelhams Wright
Presentor:Jodie Kidd

Red Earth Studio: “Luke Gamble Vet Adventures”

Presentor:Luk Gamble
Sound Man:Nathan Carr
Camera Man:Simon Rowles