Mr. DB Rai.

Trekking Guide

Good trekking guide mean experience about the trekking route, mode of the trekking and time to access the proper destination.Nowadays trekking guides in Nepal are educated and well trained from the Government authorized training center. Gaining these requirements Mr. DB Rai is one of the trekking guides in our inner circle who has been  working in this sector since two decades.

Mr. Rai  is well experienced especially in the manner of trekking guiding in Nepal. He has guided many groups from different nation to various trekking sites in Himalayan region of Nepal. With his experience and knowledge of treks, tours and sights of Nepal he has been able to fulfill his responsibilities and duties when he is in service to his clients. Hiring an trekking guide like him in Nepal would be a safe and reliable journey in the Himalayas.